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10th December 2018 
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Unfortunately there are times when we hit a brick wall. Either some sudden event throws us into crisis and our ability to cope is challenged or more generally we find it an on-going struggle to see any direction or purpose in our lives. During these times we can only rely on our available resources, which often may not feel enough.

If this sounds familiar to you, it may be that you are seeking some additional support and are interested in how psychotherapy could help. As a therapist, I hope to be authentic and present. I am not guided by a set of tools but more an awareness of what I feel in the moment. My approach is to work with each person as an individual and to trust that, with the help of a supportive relationship, everyone has the capacity to find his own way. My belief is that there is real value in having someone who is impartial who can also provide a confidential space for open inquiry and the sharing of feelings. Someone who can simply be there to listen to you when you feel like things are getting too much but will also be there to challenge you and offer a new perspective when you feel ready for further exploration. This is what I aim to bring as a therapist in the hope that this will lead to a greater awareness of your own potential and the blocks that get in the way to achieving it.

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